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People Can't Handle This Girl's Epic Revenge On Her Little Brother's Sneakers


A lesson to all of you: Do not mess with 21-year-old Hibaq Abdullahi from Seattle.

Well, it's mostly a direct message to her 15-year-old little brother, Farah, who learned this lesson the hard way after he was caught using his sister's toothbrush to clean his Jordans.

Hibaq told BuzzFeed she was looking for her toothbrush one morning in a rush when she found them in her brother's room, next to his shoes and shoe cleaner.

"I actually had to brush my teeth with my fingers since I was running late to work," she said.

Well, it didn't take a detective for Habiq to put together what had happened. Apparently, Hibaq said, "This isn't the first time he used my toothbrush to clean his shoes."

To get her revenge, she decided to, um, give her brother's Jordans a little makeover. She pulled out her makeup and rubbed highlighter all over the shoes 💀.

My little brother used my toothbrush to clean his shoes so I gave them a lil extra shine 🙃


The masterfulness. Hibaq said she came up with the idea with her sister when they were doing their makeup. They wanted "to teach him a lesson."

She then presented the shoe to her lil' bro, and, well, I'll let the internet reactions and screencaps tell the rest of the story:

Hibaq says Farah is "a shoe fanatic" who "never leaves the house with a scuff on his shoes."

Hibaq told BuzzFeed that after the video cut out, there was "a lot of yelling, chasing, and exchange of mean words." But they're used to pranking each other and they're on good terms now.

In the end, she agreed to buy her little brother a new pair of shoes later this week. Until then, again, we reiterate: Do not mess with Petty Queen Hibaq.