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    21 Things You're Tired Of Hearing If You Didn't Study Abroad, As Told By The Olsen Twins

    "It was truly life-changing. You really missed out."

    1. "You should have totally gone abroad."

    2. "When I was in [insert popular destination], we got [insert drunk adjective] every night."

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    3. “There were only like 15 of us in the program so we all became really, really close.”

    4. "Do you ever regret your decision not to go?"

    5. “Seriously, it wasn’t even that expensive.”

    6. "Either way, I'm SO sorry you had to miss out."

    7. *Posting 10,000 pictures of food, buildings, and other foreign subjects*

    8. (Telling a really long and detailed “that one time” story that no one can relate to.)

    9. “Studying abroad was literally the best part of college.”

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    10. "It was life-changing."

    11. “Clubbing in [foreign country] is so much better than it is here.”

    12. “Beer is so much better in [foreign country] than it is here.”

    13. "I can't drink Americanos anymore."

    14. “It was so nice not being carded. I could literally drink anywhere, anytime.”

    15. “Soccer is actually way more engaging than any other sport. You have to watch it for the long haul.”

    16. Whenever an abroad country gets brought up: “Well when I lived in…”

    17. Whenever a dance-y house track comes on: "This song was all the rage in [insert foreign country]."

    18. "Oh this thing? I got it on some street in Milan. It was so cheap."

    19. “We’re going out now? But it’s so early. In [insert foreign country] we never left our dorms before 1 a.m."

    20. "Ugh, I have to take real classes again."


    *Repeat quotes 1–21*

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