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25 Things That Make Total Perfect Sense

Because logic is optional apparently.

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1. This Chia plant for Homer Simpson's non hair.

2. The U.S. geographical territories.

3. And their measurement system:

4. This tattooed poem.


5. This sign in an office break room.

6. Legal logic for operating an RV.

7. And all the logic in Spongebob Squarepants:




10. Where your cat prefers to plop itself at home.

11. Where and when your dog prefers to get wet.

12. This kid's unique understanding of physics:


13. This mug with snowmen sitting around an open fire.

14. Deer logic.

15. Airport logic.

16. Porn logic.


17. Every KFC commercial ever.

18. Whatever is happening here for Aquaman...

19. These two cars:

20. This innovative 2-for-1 transportation method.


21. Why we do this in our cars every time:

22. How we approach test-taking:

23. Moms and cleaning ladies.

24. This iced tea stand's business model.

25. ...and Kim Kardashian, at any point.