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    21 Things That Are Perfectly Normal In Newfoundland & Labrador

    You beautifully weird and pervertedly charming place.

    1. Opening your door first thing in the morning to this breathtaking view.

    2. Or, y'know, this one.

    Oh, it's just Larry passing through. Hi, Larry. Yes, I did catch the latest episode of Mad Men.

    3. Having seagulls who are extremely aggressive to children. And only to children.

    4. Naming one of their towns "Dildo" and really committing to it.

    (At least "Dildo Pond" stays true to its name.)

    5. And having a serious 7-year-old sense of humour. Let's meet by Billy Butts.

    6. How about Blow-Me-Down Park?

    7. No? Well, traffic seems light heading into Spread Eagle.

    8. Their little dirty names are certainly not limited to places, either.

    9. Turning the Atlantic Ocean into a giant hockey rink when it freezes over.

    10. This:

    Instinctively reaching into a shark's mouth — that's the Newfoundland & Labrador way.

    11. This store's banner in the town of Northern Arm.

    Yes, the town is called Northern Arm.

    12. And these warranted signs...

    (Which only makes you wonder what happened that compelled the creation of the sign in the first place.)

    RT@avalonmel: #OnlyinNewfoundland actual #hotel sign

    Actually... don't wanna know.

    13. Casually tugging ginormous icebergs offshore with a single ship.


    Apparently, the province hires "ice management contractors" whose main job is to tow rogue icebergs.

    14. Then harvesting the iceberg and brewing it into ALCOHOL.

    This is officially the most Newfie thing that ever existed.

    15. Vandalizing public property to express very cordial commentary.

    16. This guy, who needed to go, and — just his luck — a toilet off the side of the road!

    17. Some neighbours wandering onto your property from time to time.

    Honey, don't worry, it's just Fred and Angela. Oh, those two.

    18. Limiting customers to only FORTY-EIGHT cans of Carnation milk at the store.

    Newfies kinda like Carnation milk.

    19. And two LOGS of pure bologna.

    They also love bologna, apparently.

    20. Planning a backyard barbecue in the middle of May. And then it snows. Fifty centimeters.

    ...but the barbecue continues.

    21. And finally, and most importantly, this adorably charming fact.

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