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    15 Things Anyone Truly From Nova Scotia Will Know, According To Classified

    Rapper Classified is laying down the Hali-FACTS.

    Even though rapper Classified has been touring and travelling the globe, he's been repping his home province since day one: Nova Scotia.

    Classified / Sony

    So "let's take it back to the Maritimes, man" — If you're a real Bluenoser, you would know...

    1. Well, for one, you know what the "Bluenose" is.

    2. You know that Nova Scotia is home to real donair: Donair egg rolls, donair burgers, donair-don't care.

    ("Though I did have a good donair in Edmonton last night... they are catching on.")

    3. But the real meat egg rolls are found at local Chinese restaurants.

    4. The only hockey team you should be concerned about is the Halifax Citadels.

    5. Or, if you go back a little further, the Nova Scotia Oilers.

    6. BTW, it's undisputed that Al MacInnis was the hardest shot in the NHL.

    7. Real Nova Scotians prefer to pronounce our "R's" with a little extra R. And our "abouts" and "outs"" with just a little more ooouuuut.

    8. Anyone knows that the candy cane towers in Dartmouth are iconic.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: bonedad

    9. And you should know by now that the Oak Island mystery is fake. Yeah, we created it years ago and some people still don't get the joke.

    10. Fact: 80% of every Nova Scotian's friends have had to move out of the province to find work.

    11. You know that Anne Murray is basically our Beyoncé.

    lya S. Savenok / Getty Images

    12. And Rita MacNeil was our Rihanna.

    Luca Teuchmann / Getty Images


    13. Bagpipes are our official instrument, but most of us can't hack the sound.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: meddygarnet

    14. No Nova Scotian will ever forget the Penhorn Mall Sunday flea market. It was truly legendary.

    View this video on YouTube

    15. And something everyone else will never forget: Most Nova Scotians have at least one extra toe. This is a true fact.

    Classified / Via Facebook: classifiedmusic

    You know exactly what I'm talking about.

    You can purchase Classified's latest album Greatful here.

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