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The 15 Financial And Emotional Stages Of Payday

Payday weekend is the richest and poorest you'll ever be.

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1. It's Friday! Which means you just, just, just...

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2. $$$$ GOT PAID $$$$

3. Your bank account just got another lifeline and you finally feel at ease.

Thank you, payday gods, for pulling through in the last inning.

4. You can now pay all your bills like the dignified grown-ass adult you are.

5. In fact, you are in a position to pay for, like, anything.

6. And suddenly your newfound wealth has become endless possibilities.

"What's that, cash? Live your life? I mean. Alright."

7. And you, a boss.

8. Going out tonight? DRINKS ON YOU.

9. That storefront handbag you've been eyeing all week? YOURS.

10. Eating out all weekend? DON'T MIND IF YOU DO.

11. Your imaginations start to run wild amid balling-out.

12. Until Sunday night. When you check your bank account again.


13. And your Friday earnings have completely evaporated over the weekend.

How did this happen. I just bought some pants and a few mimosas.

14. By Monday, you are poor (again).

15. Living off of the last nibblings of your paycheck...


(And repeat stages 1-15.)

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