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The 25 Best Taylor Swift Audience-Dancing Moments Of All Time

Tay-tay's moves are trouble, trouble, trouble at award shows.

1. This mean-mugging shoulder roll during the AMAs.

2. Followed by a set of these girly shimmies.

3. This airplane maneuver she executed extremely passionately.

4. To complement some signature moves she pulled from her preteen years.

5. This rave-y dancing she dished out during the Grammy's.

6. This moment when she danced with her face.

7. This celebration of girlhood she coordinated with Selena and Katy.

8. And this bit of sass she shared with her BFFL.

9. This iconic Taylor moment when she was caught really feelin' the music.

10. This saucy shoulder rotation move.

11. These moves like Jagger.

12. This endearing attempt to connect with the chick next to her, who's clearly not as invested in the performance.

13. And then she had to sit down. BUT THAT DIDN'T STOP TAY FROM SEAT-DANCING.

14. Oh no, she did not let this two-inch dancing radius prevent any moves from being busted.

15. Like this coy "come 'ere" maneuver.

16. Or these sexy shoulder sashays.

17. BUT THEN SHE GOT TO STAND UP AGAIN and she was overcome with excitement.

18. Because it was officially dance o'clock and these powerful moves were not going to waste.

19. Slow-mo' this time:

20. And now sped up:

21. And now only the emotive lyric-mouthing part.

22. And now with a touch of drama:

23. Even though Taylor Swift is usually seated among A-list celebrities at award shows...

24. ...the girl is absolutely Fearless.

25. Tay-tay is the most committed audience dancer ever. Watch and learn.

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