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15 Surreal Places That Prove Canada Is A Breathtaking Country

O, Canada. You beaut.

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PEI is one of the most naturally stunning and historic nooks of the country. With its oceanside beaches (check out Cavendish Beach) and its lush landscapes, the eastern island is effortlessly charming and romantic.

Lake Louise in Alberta's Banff National Park is the country's first national park. The lake's unique hue of gray-ish aqua is the result of glacial erosion, creating gray rock particles that gets flushed into the water.

The Kluane National Park is home to stunning blue glaciers that expand across 22,000 kilometers. The view is most breathtaking from a helicopter, but most people hike through its trails and even dare to ski off some of its cliffs.

The allure of Newfoundland and Labrador is mostly found in its cute coastal towns. Although the climate is pretty chilly year-round with its high ocean currents, summers in Canada's northeast coast are cool, easy, and very appealing.

(Above: the coastal town of Norris Point; bottom left: a bonfire off of a Newfoundland beach; bottom right: Fort Amherst of St. John's Newfoundland.)

5. The Big Muddy Badlands and The Outlaw Trail of Saskatchewan

Big Muddy Badlands & The Outlaw Trail, Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan's Big Muddy Badlands lies a a 60 meter (196-foot) castle of compressed clay (appropriately called "Castle Butte"). The badlands lie in the Big Muddy Valley, a 55 kilometer-wide area formed during the last ice age.

The shore town of Hudson Bay is internationally known for its polar bears, who migrate toward the shore in the autumn.

Churchill is also one of the cutest towns in Canada because a) they offer a safe polar bear tour where you observe them from a bus called a "tundra buggie," b) the locals are known to leave their car doors unlocked for others in the event of polar bear attacks, and c) there is a polar bear jail for those who wander into town.

Built by Jean-Baptiste Chevalier in 1752, the monumental 17th century structure is emblematic of whimsical Quebec architecture. Lined with cobblestone roads and European-style houses outside, the grand house has a grand view to the famous Château Frontenac, a famous hotel that stands above the city.

The St. Elias Mountains have some of the most extensive ice fields in the world, stretching across 235 miles (about 378 kilometers). Some of their peaks stand up to 5,200 miles (about 17,000 feet). While most of the mountains are non-volcanic, there are portions in the western range that are.

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