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    16 Artists To Look Out For In 2016, According To Spotify Canada

    The new year sounds incredibly bright.

    Another year, another pool of talented and promising homegrown Canadian musicians.

    Using their trusted metrics — by crunching numbers to see who’s trending, talking to music experts, and exercising a little old-school editorial judgment — Spotify Canada has come up with a list of 16 new acts for the new year.

    Canadians have dominated the charts in 2015, and judging by the latest roster, it looks to be no different in the coming year.

    This past year's "Spotlight" predictors gave deserved shine to artists like Francesco Yates, Coleman Hell, and Alessia Cara, helping to catapult their careers and sounds to a mass global audience.

    Here are the artists on the brink of greatness, according to Spotify Canada.

    Ria Mae

    Daniel Caesar

    The Standstills

    Tasha The Amazon

    Jocelyn Alice

    Madeline Merlo

    Rainer + Grimm


    Ruth B

    Allan Rayman

    Lucas DiPasquale

    Charlotte Cardin

    Modern Space

    Kevin Bazinet

    Harrison Brome

    Majid Jordan

    Listen to the full Spotlight Canada 2016 playlist below.