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    Posted on Nov 29, 2013

    Social Media Saved 600 Cats In China, Averting Tragedy And Bringing The Feels

    Bravo, world. Bravo.

    China's pet "meat market" has been a controversial stain on its culture, but the internet is proving more and more citizens are standing against the practice and standing up for animal rights.

    On Thursday, a man from Putuo district attempted to transport 600 cats caged in wooden crates to be sold for meat and fur.

    Animal rescue groups were called to help via Weibo (China's Twitter), who posted images of cats stuffed into wooden crates to create awareness.

    The heartbreaking images caught the attention of thousands of concerned citizens.

    The result? Local residents and onlookers spotted the truck and called police, who met and detained the man on the spot.

    Several images posted to Weibo depict a crowd of protesters surrounding and stopping the truck that held 600 caged cats.

    An Animal Rights blog said while some Chinese citizens angrily confronted the animal trafficker, others rushed to give the cats food and water.

    Bravo, world. Bravo.

    H/T Digital Journal.

    Images via Philippe.

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