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    Singer/Rapper Tink Released A Haunting Song About Police Brutality

    The Timbaland-produced "Tell The Children" is one more way musicians have spoken out on the events in Ferguson.

    This is Tink, the prodigiously talented rapper and singer who became Timbaland's new protégé this year.

    In the wake of the Michael Brown verdict, the Chicago native lent her voice to a chilling track about the heightening tensions over racial inequality in the country.

    The song opens with a monologue and faint repetitions of "don't shoot", "tell the children to watch out", and "keep running". It'll hit a raw nerve.

    You can hear eerie echoes of Lauryn Hill's “Doo Wop (That Thing)” in the Timbaland-tapped composition. Faint gunshot soundbytes are added throughout.

    But the words speak for themselves: “He was more afraid of him when he the one with the piece?” ... "Badge is a pass to do whatever / So now we livin’ in fear of the people here to protect us."

    Tink isn't the first rapper to make music inspired by the Michael Brown shooting. Listen to J. Cole's raw "Be Free" and the all-star posse cut "Be Free" featuring Rick Ross, The Game, Diddy and more.