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27 Signs We Are All Tina Belcher From "Bob's Burgers"

You smart, strong, sensual woman, you.

1. You live by two words: boys and butts.

2. In fact, most of your days are occupied by them.

3. You couldn't go all "badgalriri" even if you tried.

4. And you've really tried.

5. You have a healthy curiosity of the world around you.

6. This is as far as your social skills will carry you.

7. You don't just "like boys," you are a hopeless and powerfully sexual romantic.

8. You are the most committed to love.

9. With the most game.

10. One could say you are a young modern Javier Bardem.

11. Which means you fall hard, and you fall fast.

12. And sometimes you crash.

13. When your crush does not love you back, you feel as though life might be meeting its end.

(And heartbreak is better spent on the floor.)

14. Still, you try to put on your best face because you are a smart, strong, sensual woman.

15. Ready to jump back on the horse.

16. Because there are too many humans waiting to be frenched to spend your time sad.

17. This is you trying to talk to your crush:

18. This is you when you finally muster up the courage to flirt:

19. This is you dancing in private:

20. This is you dancing in public:

21. This is you getting behind the wheel for the very first time, the second time, ...and every time.

22. This is you:

23. You are passionate.

24. You are ambitious.

25. You are a vivacious ladycat who cannot be tamed.

26. People find you to be an unbridled prowess with extraordinary sexual healing powers...

27. But, underneath it all, you are just like everyone else.