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    19 Savory And Authentic Chinese Foods That Need Your Mouth

    What's orange chicken?

    1. Let crunchy tentacles of a deep fried taro ball tickle the edges of your lips.

    2. Set your tongue aflame with numbing mabo oils drizzling down silky tofu blocks.

    3. Rip the supple bubble of a Shanghai dumpling, trickling aromatic soup down your chin.

    4. Enokitake strings are waiting for your slurp in a steamy hot pot.

    5. Tear a brittle scallion pancake into tiny bite-sized blankets to snuggle your mouth.

    6. Faceplant right into your mama's homecooked eggs & tomato dish.

    7. Smear soy sauce around your mouth as you tug spare ribs off of their tender bones.

    8. Allow garlicky bok choy leaves to slowly snake down your throat.

    9. Tuck the fatty ends of roast duck into a warm bed bun and kiss it goodnight.

    10. Glide a vulnerable piece of chili eggplant onto the cradle of your tongue.

    11. Let the readily oiled beans of string take you.

    12. Gently pry open a timid bun to expose the sweetened pork within.

    13. Inhale the sweet bundle of sesame oil, oyster, and sprinkled spring onion.

    14. Chomp through a crispy spring roll and just let the flakes fall around you.

    15. Bite into a soft overcoat of soaked tea egg.

    16. Undress "zongzi" from its bamboo shell and nuzzle your face in the pyramid of rice.

    17. Send your senses dancing with a bowl of cumin chili Hunan beef.

    18. Nibble at the browned edges enveloping the creamy body of turnip cake.

    19. Finally, cool off with sexy dicings of fresh cucumber.