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9 Hilarious Confessions From Canadians Who Took Rolling Up The Rim Too Far

"Four hours and 35 cups of coffee later..."

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It's Roll Up The Rim season in Canada, and ♪ ♫ that can only mean one thing ♪...

Humanity withers away.

Grandmas become thieves, parents become dumpster divers, children become gamblers.
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Grandmas become thieves, parents become dumpster divers, children become gamblers.

So we asked members of the BuzzFeed Canada Community to tell us a time they went a little too far to help increase their chances of winning. Do not judge — we've all been there, or we are one cup away from getting there.

1. The Tuition Money

"In my first year of law school, I lived in residence and was on a meal plan. I knew I wasn't going to spend all of it and I couldn't get a refund for any unused balance, so I went to the Tim Hortons on campus and spent more than $50 buying about 40 cups of tea. I asked them to not make the tea and just give me the cups (to roll up the rim of course because why bother otherwise). I then spent 30 minutes in my dorm rolling up the rim to 40 cups ...and won two donuts."

— Vanessa Ibe, Facebook

2. The Finder's Keepers

"I found an unrolled cup in a recycling box at work, and rolled up a coffee. So I went to my desk to switch the cup with my non-winner in case they remembered to check."

—Marc Poulin, Facebook

3. The 4-Hour Squat

"Last week, when it just started in Quebec, we sat down at Tim's at around 7 p.m. We each bought a coffee, thinking none of us would win, but I won. I got myself another coffee, and the guys got jealous. They kept on buying and buying. Kind of like slot machines. Four hours and 35 coffees on the table (I'm not even joking — we bought 30 coffees, and won 5) we ended up being kicked out because we were making too much noise."


4. The Get-Out-Of-Jail Coffee

"I got out of detention for showing up late to class because I won a free coffee, that coffee was also why I was late."


5. The One-Man's-Trash-Is-Just-Another-Man's-Trash

"One time when I was in the library at my university, I threw out my cup without rolling up the rim. As I walked away, I remembered that I didn't do it, so I ran back and began digging in the garbage in search of the cup. The trash can was in the middle of an area with a ton of computers, so people were giving me strange looks, and all I won was a free doughnut."



6. The Survival Of The Fittest

"I once broke my fingers on my rolling hand. I then broke it again trying to roll up the rim."


7. The Volunteer Janitor

"I work in an academic library and one of the library techs told me about a time last year when she'd tidy up the library for an hour before closing at 11pm, she collected all the cups students had left behind and would sometimes win 6 in a night. She said she had a photo of all the cups she won and it was like 50 cups by the end of the Roll Up the Rim season! This year I am so copying her (she gave me permission to use her tip). It constantly surprises me how many students leave food and coffee untouched in the study carrels."

—Chantal Bellmont, Facebook

8. The New Tims Policy

"One year my dad actually went and spent $50 on empty cups. They caught on to the double cupping and getting a free extra cup so our Tims started charging for extra cups. My dad lost on every single one of his cups and I've never laughed so hard at anything in my entire life."


9. And The "You'll Wish You Could Unhear It" Story

"I work at Tim Hortons and if we drop a cup on the ground, we have to roll it up and hole punch it so it has no value. I dropped a full stack of cups — won six coffees, two donuts, and a $100 Tim's card. And couldn't claim any of it."


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