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Here's How Rihanna Walked Over A Grate In Heels Without Falling: She's Rihanna

Inspiration level: Rihanna walking in heels over a grate.

So here Rihanna is moseying around Paris, looking great head to toe, as always.

But then she walked over a grate (see what I did there, anyway). And angels must have been surrounding her left foot, because this is a goddamned miracle:

People are panicked at how close that skinny lil' heel was to falling through those tiny lil' holes.

That left heel is basically representative of the state of lives rn.

And how on-edge we all are.

But one thing's for sure: If anyone can casually stroll through a walkway of 1 million potential disasters...

It is Robyn Fenty.

She's a damn immortal.