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People Donated Over $30,000 To A Sick Corgi, And Even After He Died

RIP Loki.

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Loki, the Canadian corgi, captured the hearts of nearly 700,000 people who followed his adorable and hilarious shenanigans on Instagram.

Instagram: @lokistagram

Loki was an expert actor and costume wearer, but he was most notably the most precious little pup.

Instagram: @lokistagram

But over the weekend, Loki's owner shared some heartbreaking news. Loki, who was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a year ago, was sent to the emergency room in serious condition.

Instagram: @lokistagram

His parents, Tim and Viv, set up a crowdfunder for Loki. They explained that his debilitating condition had sent them to several emergency hospitals and his ongoing treatments would be costly.

"The cost of dialysis will be expensive, and Loki may need 2-3 weeks of therapy," they wrote.

So they asked Loki's fans for help and thanked them for pitching in where they could.

"Thank you all for your love and support. Each donation, big or small, is truly appreciated," they wrote.


During this time, Loki's owners kept his fans updated on his progress, including this special hospital visit from Loki's pet hamster.

Instagram: @lokistagram

Sadly, late last night, Loki's owner sent one final update to his followers, notifying them that he had died.

People shared their grief in the comments.

"I've followed [him] ever since this was still @corgistagram and this was one of my first and favourite corgi accounts," one person wrote.

Rest in peace in doggie heaven, Loki. We miss you.

Instagram: @lokistagram

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