Reading A Book In Today’s World: Expectation Vs. Reality

So much struggle. Why can’t my books read to me?

1. EXPECTATION: You stay in on a Friday night to read

2. REALITY: You stay in on a Friday night to stream

3. EXPECTATION: You cozy up with a good book

4. REALITY: You fall asleep immediately, page creases and drool lines result

5. EXPECTATION: You aim to read all the classic greats


6. REALITY: You encounter some (a lot) of distractions along the way


7. EXPECTATION: You finally pick up and finish the last half of that book

8. REALITY: The bookmark remains

And it’s staring at you.

9. EXPECTATION: You vowed to read the book before seeing the movie

10. REALITY: You went to see the movie (and you still haven’t read the book)

11. EXPECTATION: You dedicate special time to read

12. REALITY: Special times are either on your commute or on the toilet

13. EXPECTATION: You build a decorative library out of your collection

14. REALITY: This is your “library”

I guess I can fill the rest with DVDs?

15. EXPECTATION: You and your imaginations get lost in a book

16. REALITY: You and your imaginations are actually lost and you’ve somehow managed to read the same paragraph for the past hour

17. EXPECTATION: You quietly read with your significant other


19. EXPECTATION: You spend your hard earned dollars here

20. REALITY: You spend your hard earned dollars here

21. EXPECTATION: Reading

22. REALITY: Readin—I wonder how many martian accounts have actually been chronicled… *Google bar* 6 real abductions?! That’s like some real life X-Files… *Netflix X-Files*

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