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    So, Ramen Poutine Is A Thing That Exists

    Well done, Canadian brethren.

    Food blog has created the culinary mash-up that might forever change the Canadian drunchie game: Ramen Poutine.

    That's right — poutine's potato component is replaced with crunchy instant ramen "fries."

    The pre-packaged ramen bricks (dressed in its seasoning and whisked eggs) are cut into fry shapes, frozen, then quickly deep-fried.

    Everything is then coated in a bed of gravy, cheese curds, scallions, and topped with a soft-boiled egg.

    And in their attempt to fuse Japanese and Canadian foods, "lesser-known cultures to the mainstream," the gravy is made with a miso base.

    Et voilà! Ramen Poutine, the food fusion of your drunken Canadian dreams.

    Get the full recipe here.