25 Problems Only People Who Can’t Sing Will Understand

It’s a complete injustice.

1. People with truly horrendous voices know that group karaoke is only a great time when you’re watching from the sidelines.

2. Which means the only way you’ll get in front of the mic is after 10 drinks, when you won’t be able to hear yourself.

Fox Searchlight

3. You dread every moment you forget the name of a song and someone asks you to hum it.

4. Because even after you’ve humiliated yourself humming whatever semblance of the song, they still won’t be able to tell.

5. The only place you feel safe to sing is in your room, by yourself.

Ideally in a sound-quarantined-vacuum.

6. Or in the shower, when the shower pressure is loud enough to mask it.

Screen Gems / Via wifflegif.com

7. But if you ever found out your roommate heard you, you would actually die inside.

NBC / Via whatculture.com

And it would be the last time you ever shower-sang.

8. You truly, viscerally feel like you have all the components to be a fabulous singer. Except your voice.

Logo / Via dragofficial.com

9. So you resent anyone who CAN sing. Because they were blessed with something so beautiful, and you should have been too.

10. You’ve fantasized about belting out the chorus to something like “Listen”, but you don’t dare, because it will not come out cute.

DreamWorks / Via hechanovicious.tumblr.com

11. When you tell people you can’t sing, they assume that either you’re being humble, or just self-conscious…

12. But then they finally hear you.

13. At which point you can’t decide what’s worse: Their lying/trying to comfort you about your voice, or straight-up mocking it.

Fox / Via pandawhale.com

14. As much as you’d like to pretend, spontaneous group sing-a-longs with your friends are not fun.

Revolution Studios / Via wifflegif.com

15. You’ve either mastered the art of mouthing the words…

Logo / Via trend-junky.com

16. Or singing at the very lowest volume.

When you singing and someone who can't sing start singing louder than you

— Blue™ (@Blue_Bynum)

17. You’re grateful for rap. Rap is your go-to safe karaoke selection.

18. Or songs with no range, that are virtually IMPOSSIBLE to mess up, like N*Sync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

Jive Records / Via mashable.com


20. Your biggest fear is being in the front row of a concert and the singer puts the mic in front of you.

21. Or really getting into song while having headphones on, and not being able to tell if you accidentally sang some of it out loud.

22. This:

That awkward moment when u listen to a recording from a concert you went to and you can hear you voice in the background singing along

— Mariana Garcia (@marianag_808)

23. People don’t realize that even the everyday songs are a struggle: “Happy Birthday,” “Jingle Bells,” the national anthem. The list goes on.

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24. Even though your tone-deafness gives you so much anxiety, and you believe your voice is truly an injustice…

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25. Let it out! You never know who else it might entertain.

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