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    Premiere: B.o.B's New Track With Trey Songz "Not For Long" Is Oh-So-Catchy

    **Disclaimer: it might definitely get stuck in your head.**

    Bobby Ray is back.

    He's penned some bangers in most recent history, but B.o.B's latest offering jogs back to his brighter and more poppy sound.

    B.o.B (with help and hooks from Trey Songz) is exclusively premiering new single "Not For Long" on BuzzFeed, and it's surprisingly catchy and soon-to-be very contagious.

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    The song is inherently pop, but flirts with a sunny, head-bobbing retro beat. The catchiest quality may be Trey Songz on the chorus, who gives us an unexpectedly high-pitched new sound.

    Had a listen? It's probably already stuck in your head.

    The single will be available for purchase here on 10/14, and you can Shazam “Not For Long” right here on BuzzFeed for a chance to win a Google Hangout with B.o.B on 10/15!