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These New Photos Of Eastern Canada Prove Just How Epic Winter Recovery Efforts Are

We Are Winter, and we know how to handle it.

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The past winter proved to be one of the the worst and most br00tal for provinces in Atlantic Canada.

Series of photo's from Angele Leger Richard in Saint John, NB. How the snow ended up on the car.

Total snowfall topped out at 450 cm this year.

Well, a photographer from P.E.I. recently went out to capture what his province looks like now — in the very same spots he snapped devastating photos of the snowstorm only a few months ago.


While the rest of us were left wondering how they'd deal, these contrasting photos prove just how hardxcore Eastern Canada takes recovery efforts (with a little help from mother nature of course):


You can find more of John Morris' photos and follow the progress of recovery via his Twitter.


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