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People Are Wrecked Over This Girl's Tearful Reaction To Being Asked To Homecoming

"It definitely melted everyone's hearts to watch."

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As it's homecoming season, Jake came up with the idea to ask Emily to the dance with a special cookie cake, because he knew she loves cookies. When students in Peer Partners, a program that pairs special needs students with a mentor at school, heard about Jake's plan, they all wanted to help.

Stephanie Zagurski

"I knew this was going to be an important moment," Stephanie Zagurski, a student at the school and Peer Partner volunteer, told BuzzFeed News.

"My friends and I rushed to the cafeteria," she said, where the homecoming ~proposal~ was going to take place.

Zagurski and a crowd of students all gathered around Emily and caught the entire moment on video. Emily not only said "yes" to going to homecoming with Jake, she burst into tears.

if anyones having a bad day, heres a video of jake asking emily to homecoming😍😭


Jake's dad, Tom Martin, told BuzzFeed News there were actually hundreds of students in the cafeteria who showed up to watch and support Jake's homecoming proposal.

Stephanie Zagurski

"Several hundred people were watching, and Jake had no idea that was going to happen," said Martin.

Martin shared with BuzzFeed News an extended video of the proposal showing a long embrace between his son and Emily afterward.

Tom Martin

"Jacob is probably the most outgoing kid I know," he said. "My wife and I don’t know what to do without him. He’s taught us a lot about how to act towards people."

"They've been dating since last year, and it's amazing how many people support their relationship," Zagurski said of her peers.


The high school Jake and Emily attend, Metea Valley, is located in Aurora, Illinois. A previous version stated it was in Naperville, Illinois, where Jake's family lives.

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