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People Are So Inspired By Beyoncé's "Shut Up" Birthday Earring

The earring's message is so important.

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Beyoncé celebrated a modest 35th birthday over the weekend: some public serenading, presidential well wishes, first lady visits. The usu.

Adam Schultz for Hillary for America

But a lot of people missed the real star of the event: her majesty's right earring.

Instagram: @beylite

The juxtaposition of "shut" and the "↑" arrow spelled it out crystal/diamond clear. Beyoncé's right ear said "shut up."

And people beyond the Beyhive cannot even handle it.

The discovery has been enlightening.

...with some people desperately trying to get their hands on one too.

A quick search led us to an 18-karat rose gold and white diamond-detail earring by designer Nadine Ghosn.

Aaaaaaand a quicker reality check led us to remind ourselves that this is Beyoncé after all and these earrings most definitely cost $1,280.

So yeah, us plebes will shut up and admire from afar.