27 Painful Photos Every Short Girl Can Relate To

The reach… The fucking reach.

1. Trying on maxi dresses:

2. The seatbelt strap/a short torso’s torture device:

3. Taking mirror selfies with friends:

4. Mirrors, period:


6. (Even ones in your own goddamn house:)

7. Your view from the driver’s seat:

8. Shelves, and mastered skills:

9. Getting high(er), with a little help from your friends:

How we reach things on the top shelve.. #shortgirlproblems @rayynewell

— Alison newell (@AliNewell16)

10. Your special relationship with crates at work:

11. …and step ladders in the kitchen:

12. Or just going for it:

“@shortgrlprblem: #shortgirlproblems ” why is she not reaching for the alcohol

— sweett&petite ♛ (@SweettandPetite)

13. Your view at concerts:

14. Being almost there… almost:

15. The mortifying moments before you attempt to step over one of these things:

I struggle to get over these things just as much as the kids do. #shortgirlproblems

— kendra_lynne_h (@kendra_lynne_h)

16. Looking normal-height by yourself, and then with your friends:

17. Hugging, and face-planting into another girl’s boobs:

18. Being able to fit/people fitting you in various objects:

19. Being a personal armrest:


— Short Girl Problems (@shortgrlprblem)

20. Yup, you’ve thought about them:

21. All that extra pant scrunch at your ankles:

Only short people would understand this problem. #Shortgirlproblems

— hanna (@_twxsted)

22. And the dirty tattered bottoms of all of your sweatpants:

Short girl problems. Always getting holes in the bottom of all pants.

— Vanessa Beard (@VanessaBeard)

23. You, in school, when there’s only room at the top of the board to write your answer:

24. The reach:

26. Allllmooooooosstttttttt… TIPPY TOES GIVE ME HEIGHT:

I have to stand on my tippy toes to reach the lat pull down bar #ShortGirlProblems

— Amie Maguire (@AthleticChick10)

27. Stttreeeeeettttcccchhhhhh…… SUCCESS:

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