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Here Are Outrageously Expensive Prices Northern Canadians Have To Pay For Food

Average weekly groceries: $600.

Most people are probably unaware of the exorbitant prices Nunavut residents are forced to pay for basic things, like food. It's been a longtime problem.

In the northernmost region of Canada, a bag of frozen chicken nuggets can cost you $26. This is largely the result of having to ship goods to very remote areas. While there are programs trying to subsidize these costs, paying ten times the price for basic necessities is a continuous struggle for families . A recent investigation suggests elders of Nunavut's Inuit community are now foraging through dump sites for food to resell. It's gotten out of hand.

For some quick perspective, here are some foods found in Nunavut grocers, compared to what they're priced (in CAD) for most of North America:

1. A 12-pack of Shweppes: $82.49

Everywhere else: ~$6

2. A salad platter: $49.99

Everywhere else: ~$10 - $15

3. A 2L fruit juice: $37.89

Everywhere else: ~$4

4. An individually-wrapped lettuce: $28.54

Everywhere else: ~$2

5. Flour: $39.99

Everywhere else: ~$14

6. A cantaloupe: $12.99

Everywhere else: ~$4

7. A bag of Doritos: $8.29

Everywhere else: $2-3

8. A can of Chef Boyardee ravioli: $7.45

Everywhere else: $1 - $2

9. Box of TGI Friday's Loaded Potato Skins: $29.99

Everywhere else: ~$5

10. Box of frozen chicken patties: $42.99

Everywhere else:~$9

11. Packages of apple sauce: $14.49

Everywhere else: ~$3

12. Second Cup ground coffee: $18.89

Everywhere else (in Canada): $10.99

13. Boneless pork shoulder: $51.19

Everywhere else: $8-$14

14. Shredded cheese: $12.59

Everywhere else: ~$3

15. Half a watermelon: $29.53

Everywhere else: ~$6-$8

16. A package of Chips Ahoy cookies: $12.19

Everywhere else: ~$4

17. A 24-pack of bottled water: $104.99

Everywhere else: $5-$8

18. And a bottle of flavoured vitamin-plus water: $11.99

Everywhere else: ~$2

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