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No Fucking Way, This Is Actually The Translation Of The "Lion King" Intro

'Cause lol'mygod.

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Everyone and their pawpaws know the famous intro song to The Lion King — you know, the one you are singing in your head right now as you remember this scene from the movie:

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NANTS INGONYAMA... YOU KNOW THE REST. If you don't, here's a reminder.

However, most of us don't know what it even means. It's usually referenced with silly phonetically translated memes like this one:

For one, the intro is sung in Zulu. But thanks to this hilarious discovery on a Tumblr thread (verified here and here), we now have the English translation of the actual lyrics. Are you ready?

Yes. The translation of the childhood-defining, epic Lion King Disney saga is...

There comes a lion
Oh yes, it's a lion

How profound, eh?

What you thought were woke, enlightened chants and melodies are actually just♫♩Theeerrrrreeee comes a liioooonnnnnn, oh yes, it's a lion ♫.

Oh, Disney. As if we should be surprised.

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