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    17 Things Canadians Have Tried To Smuggle Over The Border

    Sorry, America.

    1. 51 turtles

    2. 1,007 turtles

    3. Cheese

    4. A person

    8. 13 kilograms (30 pounds) of cocaine

    10. A rhino horn

    11. Narwhal tusks

    12. Deadly bacteria

    13. Fake Hoverboards

    14. Kinder Surprises

    15. More Kinder Surprises

    16. And more Kinder Surprises

    17. We are all dirty, dirty Canadian criminals

    Just smuggled three cartons of kinder eggs across the border. Street value, about 100 dollars per egg #ThugLife

    Sorry. But we are your number one underground supplier of live turtles and chocolate eggs.

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