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    Important: 13 Things That Are Not True For All Canadians

    Most... but not all!

    1. Consume milk in bags.

    Bagged milk, which has become a Canadian staple and punchline, is not available in all of Canada. It's usually sold in Eastern provinces but are harder to find in places like British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Alberta.

    But! Those who've grown up on milk in bags can vouch that it's a fantastic and practical vehicle for dairy πŸ‘.

    2. Enjoy or care to follow hockey.

    3. Have ever been to Toronto, or desire to go to Toronto.

    4. Are kind. (At least all the time.)

    5. ...or are polite.

    The rest of us in the coffee line rolled our eyes at Loraine and sarcastically apologized (which in the handbook of apologies is the most offensive way to apologize).

    6. Spell things the "Canadian" way: With the extra "u."

    7. Have ever even seen a moose in the wild.

    Moose are practically citizens in Canada but not everyone has had an encounter with one.

    8. Love Tim Hortons or rave about their coffee.

    9. Or find poutine particularly sexy.

    10. Grew up watching Degrassi.

    11. Experience the truly tit-freezing temperatures the country offers.

    Compared to other countries, our winters are BRUTAL. They bite. And they're unforgiving. And we like to boast about it. But most of the population doesn't live, and probably will never live, in the coldest β€” and truly bone-chilling β€” places in the country. Like, towns in Nunavut, where the average temps YEAR-ROUND hovers around -20 degrees Celsius.

    12. Nor the stunning natural wonders of our great outdoors, unfortunately.

    13. And lastly: Not all Canadians love the sweet, homey hug of a nanaimo bar.