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This Group Of Women Found Out They Were All Dating The Same Guy And Then Became Friends

"At least you know he has great taste in girls!"

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Jesse, Justinne, and Charissa say they serendipitously met each other when a man they believed they were each exclusively dating accidentally messaged them in a group Snapchat last Friday. "Hey beautiful," he wrote to a group of seven people.

Charissa Harris

Charissa told BuzzFeed News she had been casually dating a man named "Nathan" online since they matched on Tinder in 2014. When she saw his message, she quickly realized she was not the only one.

"I figured he was an idiot and tried to message all of the girls and then accidentally sent it to everyone at the same time," she said.

"When I got the group message I had no idea there were so many of us," Jesse added. "He made me feel like I was the only one." The seven women all simultaneously realized this as well, and began comparing notes.

Jesse, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, is apparently one of the few women in the group chat who did not meet "Nathan" online. She said she they attended the same grade school together, but began dating as adults.

"We talked for awhile a few years back and then he just cut me off," she explained. "We just reconnected a few months ago."

Charissa said "Nathan" quickly fled the chat. She then named the chat "Nathan's Beautiful Girls" and the seven carried on a conversation among themselves.

Charissa Harris

"After he left all the girls started talking," Charissa said. "Some of them didn't know what was happening, and then we all realized we got sent the same dick pics."

The photos led the women to compare other photos they were sent as well as information they were told.

(Charissa sent BuzzFeed News screenshots of the images and conversations — many of them are NSFW.).


Jesse, Justinne, and Charissa individually told BuzzFeed News they believed their relationships with "Nathan" were exclusive, and had progressed very seriously very quickly, despite some having never met him IRL.

According to Charissa, after they had matched on Tinder near the Jacksonville area three years ago, their flirty texts soon turned sincere.

"He told me he deleted his Tinder profile. He was trying to convince me he's interested in me and he will do anything to prove it," Charissa said. "It felt like he wanted something serious. He was telling me, 'you should fly to New York and you can stay with me.'" ("Nathan" had told them he had a home in New York, although many of them aren't entirely sure where he's based).

Justinne matched with "Nathan" on Tinder in 2015, but they actually met each other in real life and began a serious relationship soon after. "He was the perfect boyfriend," Justinne said, recounting countless romantic gestures and times spent together.

"He also invited me to NYC with him for two weeks," she added.

They also all claimed "Nathan" would disappear on them, and then reappear without much of an explanation. When BuzzFeed News reached "Nathan" on the phone, he denied knowing Charissa. Before BuzzFeed News was able to confirm the names of the other women, he abruptly hung up.

Charissa Harris

"He drops out and then he reappears," Charissa said. "We didn't talk for months, and then randomly he would pop up and start message me often...He keeps telling me he's going to drive to Miami to meet me."

"At one point I didn't hear from him for about three days," Justinne said. "I was getting worried. I called, texted him and no reply."

The women said this behavior — among other shoddy details of his life — gave them pause.

Charissa, Justinne, and Jesse said they've all since been blocked by "Nathan" on all social media channels.

Despite what a lot of the women have described as an embarrassing dating experience, they've all been able to laugh about it. And have forged real friendships in the "Nathan's Beautiful Girls" group chat.

Charissa Harris

"If there’s one thing I’ve learned about this experience, it's that you can never fully trust a person again once they break your heart," Justinne said. "[But] an experience like this truly brings people together."

"I made great friends out of the situation," Jesse added, laughing.

Charissa said the group chat has been active ever since, and they've even started discussing all meeting up in Jacksonville.

Charissa said to this day Nathan's Beautiful Girls will chat and check in with each other, sending each other funny "fuckboy" memes. "At least you know he has great taste in girls!" she said, laughing.

Charissa Harris

"I consider the girls my friends already even if we haven’t met in person yet," Justinne added. "Instead of fighting for this guy — who, by the way, is not worth it — we uplifted each other and remained positive."

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