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    The 56 Most Underrated Moments In Beyoncé Music Video History

    Duh, "Singles Ladies" was life-changing, but what about that champagne glass bubble bath though?

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    1. When Beyoncé shimmied in this iconic gold halter dress in 2003's "Work It Out."

    2. When she seductively hula-hooped in a constellation of sparkle and shimmer.

    3. When she truly WERKED IT OUT.

    4. When she — in a skintight leopard jumpsuit — literally rode a giant black kitty cat for 2007's "Kitty Cat."

    5. And then took it for a walk.

    6. When she opened the first few seconds of 2007's "Suga Mama" by puffing on a giant cigar like a boss-lady.

    7. When she rode a metallic mechanic bull and glitter was everywhere.

    8. When Beyoncé and her legion of women fabulously motioned the lipstick maneuver as they transitioned into their "freakum" dresses in 2006's "Freakum Dress."

    9. And then walked down the runway in hers — AND DAT SLIT.

    10. When she freakishly did this shimmy back bend while dancing in the sand in 2006's "Deja Vu."

    11. And again on Jay Z, cascading off of him as he just casually stood there.

    12. (And then there was this often-forgotten NSFW moment between them.)

    13. When she managed this move in 2006's "Check On It" and really spelled out what "dippin' it" looks like.

    14. When she gyrated in this totally and painfully mid-'00s outfit.

    15. When she channeled the whole Nicki Minaj look first and romped around in a glittery pink leotard.

    16. When she and her slinky abs debuted 2004's "Soldier"* in this...special little number.

    *We know, it's Destiny's Child, but it is still important to the Beyoncé-pedia of music videos.

    17. When Bey, Michelle, and Kelly strutted with their dogs and showed everyone who was in charge.

    18. And when Solange, who was pregnant at the time (!), came to support on set, and they rubbed her belly.

    19. When she left her mark in bright pink lipstick in the opening of 2006's "Get Me Bodied."

    20. When she entered the room sporting a ponytail that looked like it could double as a weapon.

    21. When these men and women literally followed her at her feet.

    22. And when she knocked 'em dead like she DGAF.

    23. When she spoke truth through her tears in 2009's "Why Don't You Love Me?"

    24. When she showed off proof that she's the greatest in the most casual way.

    25. When she was an angry housewife in killer purple lipstick.

    26. And when she rocked the Bettie Page bangs.

    27. When she raged in an oversize men's button-up in 2006's "Ring the Alarm."

    28. When she came from the shadows as the ultimate femme fatale in 2011's "Dance for You."

    29. When she brought in the fans and no one could look away.

    30. And when she put all other private dances to shame.

    31. When she surveyed her kingdom like a majestic goth queen in 2013's "Jealous."

    Columbia Records
    Columbia Records

    32. When she opened 2011's "Love On Top" in these kicks.

    33. And this hat.

    34. When she had a row of babes following her every move.

    35. And when her suit got sexier with each key change.

    36. When she crumped it so hard as her backup dancers stood poised in 2008's "Sweet Dreams."

    37. When she became the most angelic bionic woman.

    38. Her dewey, fresh-faced close-up in 2008's "If I Were a Boy."

    39. And when she fulfilled a fantasy we didn't even know we had.

    40. When she joined forces with Shakira for a surreal, shape-shifting dance break in 2006's "Beautiful Liar."

    41. When she teased us with a pool party we all wish we were invited to in 2011's "Party."

    42. When Solange showed up playing DJ.

    Hi Solange!!

    43. When bubbles never looked so amazing.

    44. And when she danced with Kelly Rowland in a neon yellow fur coat plus RABBIT EARS?

    45. When, while most of us remember her super-sexy diamond bralette scenes in 2003's "Baby Boy"...

    46. You might have forgotten her amazing break, when she belly danced for her life.

    47. When she sashayed out of her red fur coat in 2011's "Naughty Girl" like "I've arrived, bitch."

    48. When she was splashing around a bubble bath in a champagne glass.

    49. When she looked like a super hero in her leather get-up and thigh-high boots in 2009's "Green Light."

    50. When all of 2009's "Me, Myself, and I" happened backward, and she was looking glamorous, strutting in reverse.

    51. When Bey did this famous dra-ma-tic head bob.

    52. And when she scolded and held these red drawers in front of her man, who was cheating on her.

    53. When she had us wondering if this was a music video or a hair commercial in 2011's "1+1."

    54. When she hypnotized everyone with just her right hand in the opening of 2008's "Ego."

    55. When she whipped her curls back and forth like she was getting down to business.

    56. And when she did this.

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