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    This Is The Most Hilariously Epic Tumblr Conversation About Moose In Canada

    It's long. But you're gonna learn so much about moose.

    It all started with a pretty innocuous and standard caption to a pretty innocuous and standard picture of a giant moose in Canada.

    But Canadians on Tumblr quickly jumped in confirming — all joking aside — how real and terrifying giant moose in Canada can be:

    Like, they are actually the Nessie of Canada and they are deceivingly not-as-large-at-first:

    And underestimating their size is a dangerous, dangerous mistake to make:

    Canadians were practically shaking Americans being like, "DO U UNDERSTAND???? DO NOT MOOSEUNDERSTAND ME OK":

    Then moose-truthers came out of the woodwork:

    So now this thread fully has the attention of Americans. They're so intrigued:

    But then Finland comes in, shaking, being like, "uh-huh, I gotchu, Canada. The moose is not to be messed with":

    And then moose-less Americans are like, "They're that big? Really??":

    Which led traumatized Canadians to reiterate, "YES, REALLY O_O. LISTEN TO US":

    Which led Americans to ask:

    The short answer? Yes:

    The Tumblr thread is evidently not over yet. More traumatized Canadians and their moose stories to come.

    Americans: Now do you understand? We moose not joke about them. They own our souls.

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