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Meet The Most Stylish Politician In Canada By Like A Million Kilometres

You'll have an orange crush on this dapper NDPer. (Sorry.)

Please take a gander at Jagmeet Singh. He's a member of the New Democratic party and represents the riding of Bramalea—Gore—Malton, an electoral district in Ontario.

And it's probably safe to say that he's the swaggiest politician in Canada.

Because, well, our politicians are not the first line of cool.

Anyway, back to Jagmeet. Not only is he up on Instagram...

He knows how to serve some extremely 'gram-able shots.

When he's not abroad representing the "Head of the American Region" at international conferences...

He's reflecting on past elections lost and won.

And when he's not at a table at the Justice Committee...

He's casually strolling the streets of Havana, all stylin' and sh*t.

But seriously, whatever your politics, we can all agree:

Jagmeet is one very dapper dude occupying elected office in Canada.

He was even voted one of Toronto Life's Best Dressed.

And among the Canadian politics ranks, by, like, a lot.