Margaret Atwood Responds To Some Common Tweets About Canadians

Margaret Atwood (poet, novelist, critic, environmentalist, overall badass wordsmith, and Ottawa native) answers some of the most frequently tweeted questions about Canadians. Here are some perfect responses to keep handy the next time your coughAmericancough friends ask.

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why do canadians put unnesscsesary u's in words like "favourite" and "colour" wtf are you doing that's not how you spell it stop

— megan (@shywhitesides)

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10. And one fan’s personal question:

why are Canadian books so awesome

— Orpah Cundangan (@orpahcundangan)

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13. Bonus! Margaret Atwood had one last response to anyone threatening library cutbacks:

“Margaret Atwood, I don’t even know her. She could walk right by me – I wouldn’t have a clue who she is.” -Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford

— Mackay Taggart (@mackaytaggart)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed


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