Life In Canada Vs. Life Everywhere Else

Only in Canada. Avec SLIDEY THING!

1. Wild Animals:

2. Hockey Season:

Thinkstock /

3. Hockey Off-Season:

Thinkstock /

4. April:

Thinkstock / Thinkstock

5. May:

Thinkstock /

6. Weed Culture:

7. Drug Culture: / Aaron Vincent Elkaim / Getty

8. Precautions:

Thinkstock /

9. News:


Thinkstock /

11. DIY:

12. Bestsellers:

Bloomsbury /

13. Expressing Political Oppositions:

14. Expressing Personal Oppositions:

Via BuzzFeed Canada

15. Kissing:

Thinkstock /

16. Vandalizing: / Creative Commons / Flickr: haxa

17. Ballin’:

Terror Squad /

18. Ballers:

Terror Squad /

19. Porn:

Thinkstock /

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