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21 Kijiji Ads That Failed So Hard They Most Definitely Won

And they say it's thriving in Canada.

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9. ...That looks like it might have been filled, illegally.

The listing reads: "Our elf laser lights as well as our inflatable minion was stolen from our front yard late last night. Thanks to those involved for making my 3 year old daughter cry when she got up this morning.

Oh, and if the low life that did this is reading this post, don't ever try coming into our yard again because you will be recorded and identified. Get a job and a life!"

Ma'am or sir, tell your daughter her minion is probably in Nepean.

10. This Albertan item that has detailed wear and tear.

"Got this guy about 8 months ago, wasn't many problems at the start, but now starting to malfunction - developed a noticeable lag issue (doesn't respond on occassion). May need mental rebooting, his hard drive could use a good defragging to forget previous relationships.
He's really good at drums though."

11. A very listing from London, Ontario.

"Wow. Much shibe. such cute, so doge. very sadness to let go of shibe. Both parents run back to Japan. Much sad. so emotion but shibe must continue on 2 journey. Allergies? Wrong! But shedding is many. Very fun to be had with shibe, no danger. Wow. Much health, many shots, so dewormed. Take shibe pls."


21. And a very scorned Torontonian.

Twitter: @Themehicano

"We have been shut out in 3 of the past 5 games and have scored only 2 in the 5 games total! We are currently looking for anyone who can physically put the puck in the net for us...

Toronto Maple Leafs"