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16 Kids Of Immigrant Parents Who Are Definitely Dead Right Now

Here's to these brave, dumb souls.

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1. The kid who saw water for the very last time:

2. The son who fessed up, and lived to tell his story:

3. The guy who thought this was worth the Vine:

He's now dead.

4. And the guy who thought pregnancy jokes would be taken with any semblance of humor:

5. Anyone who has ever attempted to clapback their parents:

6. Anyone who believes scaring them is all "for fun":

7. It would be...

8. ...their last time:

9. The kid who suddenly forgot who his father was:

10. The kid who *lowers head, Catholic crosses self* told his mom to shut up:

11. The kid who screamed:

12. And the kid who would thereby lose his voice forever.

13. The son who dared to meddle when Mom's on the phone:

14. And the one who ate in the car:

15. The legend of the kid who cussed:

Some say he was never seen again.

16. And the guy who gambled with life itself when he dropped this line to his mom.

RIP this guy.

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