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Posted on Nov 27, 2013

15 Kids Hand Turkeys That Are Just Plain Wrong

Kids these days...

1. This kid who depicted the moments before a graphic turkey massacre.

"Where did my body go?"

2. And this kid who turned turkeys into a gang mob.

3. This handturkey who is literally holding a HANDGUN.

"Eat Me."


4. And finally getting its sweet revenge?

5. This middle-schooler's sketch of—OMG.

6. Seriously, what is going on.

7. This 11-year-old's spectacular drawing of a turkey with a "double AFRO" on its gobble.

8. This innocent and accidental "shocker."

9. This amazing kid artist who attempted some kind of political statement.

10. This 5-year-old's extremely minimal and disturbing thanksgiving art.

It has a mouth.

11. This child intentionally scribbled a cooked turkey inside of the live turkey.

12. Elijah's "run awye" Thanksgiving scene.

"Help me" -turkey

13. This turkey who passed gas (but excused itself, in its defense.)

14. This kid's thoughtful memorial for his impending dinner.

Flickr: jaredmoran Creative Commons

15. And an adult who took something cute and turned it into something crude.

H/T to By A Show Of Hands' Tumblr page to see more hilariously creative handturkeys.

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