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    Jan 8, 2015

    17 Reasons Why Kevin Zegers Is Canada's Zac Efron, But Better


    1. First of all, the two look uncannily alike.

    Getty Images / Vince Bucci
    Getty Images / Vince Bucci

    One is Canadian, left, and the other, not Canadian, right.

    2. Both coveting similarly handsome features: dem eyes, dat smile, dose chisels...

    3. But the Woodstock, Ontario native has redefined the standard of sensationally sculpted beauty.

    Michael Buckner / Getty

    One month ago.

    4. Time and time again.

    Getty Images for Sony Pictures / Jonathan Leibson
    Malcolm Taylor / Getty
    MJ Kim / Getty 2013, in 2008, and in 2006. Hnnnngggg.

    5. Zegers and Efron both started their careers young.

    Warner Bros.

    Zegers starring in the '97 film Air Bud, left, and Efron as a regular cast member on the early 2000s series Summerland.

    6. And quickly became teen heartthrobs.

    7. And eventually SWEET, SWEET MANCANDY.

    8. Sure, the comparison can be made and Zegers has been hailed as the ~*Canadian Zac Efron*~.

    But he's got a bit of an edge:

    9. Like Efron, he's taken on predictable movie roles, but he's also paid his career some pretty persuasive performances.

    Most recently for an action-fantasy role in the 2013 German-Canadian film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones based on the original book series. He plays alongside fellow Canadian heartthrob Godfrey Gao, which has inspired an instant cult following and pages of fan fiction on the internet.

    10. Most notably for playing a lead in the 2005 indie film Transamerica, which won him awards and recognition from Cannes Film Festival.

    11. It also helped to recognize his abilities to make... us... hnnnnnnnngggggg.

    12. He reps Canada hard.

    13. And was once cause to a nation of sexual awakenings.

    14. He can melt their — very cold, subzero, literally some -17°C readings in regions of the country today — hearts.

    15. If you're currently in Canada and miserable and cold, here's an instant remedy: look at him. LOOK AT HIM.

    16. Yes, there are undeniable similarities between these two actors.

    Getty Images Kevin Winter
    Getty / Michael Buckner

    17. But Kevin Zegers was the original Zac Efron. Best recognize.


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