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    Posted on Oct. 14, 2015

    Canadians Are Going Crazy Over Jose Bautista's Savage Bat Flip

    A touch melodramatic, but IT ALSO LED TO A JAYS WIN!!!!!!

    The setting: a tense and tied do-or-die Game 5 matchup between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers. Then something historically bizarre happened — which we won't get into right now, but the Jays were down and ish was tense.

    Vaughn Ridley / Getty Images


    Jose Bautista hit a three-run homer. And he kissed it off with the greatest bat flip of history, we and historians would say.

    Here it is again if you'd like to be reborn:

    You will never ever see a better bat flip in your entire life.

    And, idk, people kind of reacted to it I guess.

    I can't wait for the #BatFlip statue.

    in which states is it legal to marry a gif @POTUS

    On a...sexual level.

    Jose Bautista just made everyone pregnant.

    i identify sexually as @JoeyBats19's bat flip

    #JoeyBats became a trending topic in Canada, and all of Canada became lit.

    My neighbours just came to check on me to make sure the screams were normal.. that home run was heard around the world!!! #JOEYBATS #GOJAYS

    Craziest inning of baseball I've ever seen.. I spilled my chips everywhere when #JoeyBats hit that home run. #Jays

    If you were watching, here's an exclusive angle of the bat flip you might have missed:

    In short: 0-100 real m'f#$king quick.

    Joey Bautista is the new 6 God. Sorry @Drake you've been replaced.

    Live footage of Canada right now:

    Tom Szczerbowski / Getty Images

    #CameTogether 🍁

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