These "Clear Knee Mom Jeans" From Topshop Are Dividing The Nation Right Now

    "Jindows": if you love your j'knees.

    If you're wondering what your mom's closet and Kanye's closet might have in common, Topshop has the answer. It's their latest SKU they're valiantly calling the "Clear Knee Mom Jeans."

    New trend alert

    Nordstrom loved them so much they're offering them online.

    However, the jeans seem to be a...hard sell.

    The reception has been a mix of general confusion...

    sorry, what now? visceral hatred. "We are truly living in the dark time line."

    These are actual jeans you can buy at @Nordstrom that cost $95. Called Clear Knee Mom Jeans. We are truly living…

    "The worst jeans I've ever seen."

    a friend just sent me the worst jeans i've ever seen

    "Mad libs, but for fashion."

    Mad libs, but for fashion.

    People thought the design was offensive.

    PSA: I do not endorse Clear Knee Mom and her attire choices. This Mom has no style. She has no grace.

    he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

    DOROTHY PARKER: What fresh hell is this? TOPSHOP: Thank you for asking! These are our "Clear Knee Mom Jeans."

    But as much as people despised them, there are some who see its ingenuity and fashion-ness. And they're here for the jeans.

    I 👏🏻 SUPPORT 👏🏻 CLEAR 👏🏻 KNEE 👏🏻 MOM 👏🏻 JEANS 🎷

    I absolutely need some clear knee mom jeans

    can someone buy these for me please

    Someone wanted to keep all of the backlash in perspective: Topshop has done much, much worse.

    Keep seeing those clear plastic, knee mom jeans and let me tell you that is the least of Topshop's denim crimes.…

    And if anything, these windowpane jeans have blessed us with this incredible thread of Tumblr accounts trying to rack their brains around the concept:

    "This is how the world ends...not with a bang but a jisper."