The Internet Is Literally Shipping Justin Trudeau And Barack Obama Together

    "Trubama." We are so messy.

    The context: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on an official state visit to Washington to meet U.S. President Barack Obama. Pretty standard, eh?

    ...Well, what ensued: A bunch of adorable photos cropping up of the two handsome, neighbouring leaders and their budding ~bromance~. And people could not handle it.

    Because they are now officially shipping them — YES. THE HEADS OF STATE.

    I now ship Trudeau and Obama because that picture is like, wow, they are definitely in love.

    With ship names and all. (It's #Trubama, by the way.)

    Officially shipping Trudeau and Obama. Best bromance ever! What's their ship name? Trubama? Let's go with that.

    Obama + Trudeau = Trubama. Pls print @people

    i ship it #trubama

    And gleaning all sorts of meaning and fantasy.

    justin trudeau looks at obama the same way he looks at his wife trubama is real 😍

    Obama saying goodbye tonight when Trudeau boards his train:

    Is it possible Obama reads all the fanfic about him & Justin Trudeau & is gently trolling the world by outrageously flirting with him

    And making them relationship goals.

    Trudeau and Obama look so cute together

    Because there is not a length people will not go to.

    I just wish someone would look at me the way Trudeau looks at Obama...

    So you know what comes next: fanfic. We are now officially crossing borderlines.

    alright who's writing the fanfiction.... Trubama or Obadeau?

    The Justin Trudeau/Barack Obama photo that birthed 1,000 fanfic novels (probably).

    omg now i want to write fanfic of obama and trudeau as gay dads sorry not sorry

    The U.S. of Eh <3.