People Are Cracking Up Over A Mom Who Ordered Her Son This "Minion" Cake

Isaac looks thrilled to have his not-Minion cake on his birthday.

1. This is 18-year-old Isaac Banda, and his mom, Melissa. Isaac celebrated a birthday recently, and asked his mom for a seemingly simple request: a Minion cake.

Isaac Banda

Isaac Banda


2. Isaac, being an unabashedly big fan of the Minions, texted his mom to ask for “a cake with a Minion on it.”

Isaac Banda

Isaac told BuzzFeed News that he simply “likes minions…A LOT.”

Melissa acknowledged the request and responded, “OK I’ll see what I can do.”

But somewhere between then and the day of Isaac’s birthday, something happened. There was a blip, a strange, and hilarious, miscommunication.

3. On Isaac’s birthday, this is what showed up as his party.

Isaac Banda

Evidently, “a cake with a Minion on it” is not what he got.

Isaac, instead, got a cake with Spongebob on it.

4. He said he and everyone at his birthday celebration were laughing over the mishap. So he shared it on Twitter, where a bunch of other people started cracking up, too.

@Isaac_Bandababy @allyIKEd BRO IM DEAD

— China ✨ (@ChinaaMarinaa)

7. “You look so disappointed,” someone commented on Isaac’s facial expression to his not-Minion cake.

@Isaac_Bandababy @ryantylerl_ you look soooo disappointed haha

— riss (@idcpnut)

@Isaac_Bandababy @Joe_robles83 this is not real 😂😂💀

— t (@TheTristanBrown)

9. Some people joked that his mom did this on purpose, but Isaac said his mom had totally confused the two cartoon characters “because they’re both yellow.”

The disrespect 😭😭 don't fuck with minion lovers

— Cake Boss🎂 (@Irene2raw)

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