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    Posted on Nov 14, 2013

    14 International Cities That Know How To Rage

    Wake up! NYC is not the only city that never sleeps.

    1. Tokyo, Japan

    Its unique appeal: Tokyo has one of the most diverse nightlife offerings on this planet: from crazy dancehall clubs to world class jazz lounges to restaurants where you must show up in costume, Tokyo after dark is both casually cool and outrageously quirky.

    The party don't stop 'til: you stumble out of a private drunken karaoke session.

    2. London, England

    Its unique appeal: While most of their famous corner pubs and clubs close at outrageously early times, Londoners have learned that closing time means very little in a town where more raucous and chaos can be caused from Leicester Square to Soho.

    The party don't stop 'til: you hear the "last call" bell. And ignore it.

    3. Bangkok, Thailand

    Its unique appeal: Bangkok after hours is commonly associated with its seedier (and naughtier) underbelly, but you can also find swanky rooftop lounges or trendy hotel bars in the same city stretch.

    The party don't stop 'til: You've eaten, drunk, or touched everything and anything on Khao San Road.

    4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Its unique appeal: Buenos Aires runs on its own schedule. Whether you're dining out, or headed to boliches with strangers, or raging at a local music venue, everything happens in the weeeeeeee hours of night.

    The party don't stop 'til: you leave the after after party while the sun is crawling up.

    5. Marrakech, Morocco

    Its unique appeal: Not necessarily known for its wild 'n out nightlife, Marrakesh is a unique mesh of lavish and hippie lifestyles that make for really dynamic partying.

    The party don't stop 'til: You've dropped way more dough than you intended.

    6. Cape Town, South Africa

    Its unique appeal: South Africa's third largest city boasts its beautiful beaches by day and a range of activities after dark. Besides its popular club and bar scenes, Cape Town also has one of the most active and progressive LGBT nightlife in the world.

    The party don't stop 'til: You crawl out of a burlesque show.

    7. Prague, Czech Republic

    Its unique appeal: cheap booze and a raging European club scene—what else do you really need?

    The party don't stop 'til: you've got enough money in your pocket for one more round!

    8. Barcelona, Spain

    Its unique appeal: Whether you're unabashedly headed to the venues aimed at tourists, or doing your homework for more untapped spots on the north end, Barcelona knows how to go hard at any capacity.

    The party don't stop 'til: you're passing out on the metro ride home.

    9. Montreal, Canada

    Its unique appeal: A pretty city with pretty people, Montreal is a place that often falls under the radar for raging nightlife. Still, one trip down Crescent street, where folks are still getting debauched during the coldest of winters, will definitely put them on the map.

    The party don't stop 'til: You need to be carried off Saint-Laurent street.

    10. Mykonos, Greece

    Its unique appeal: Folks in Mykonos know how to bring the party from the beach to the street (and into the clubs). Mykonos is a paradise city with an equally alluring nightlife scene.

    The party don't stop 'til: you catch a gorgeous sunrise while still intoxicated.

    11. Goa, India

    Its unique appeal: Goa was once upon a time known as an "anything goes" kind of city, and although things have changed over the years, they still cater to all types of night owls. Outdoor beach parties? They got it. Crazy Goa Trance clubs? They got it. Night festivals? They got many.

    The party don't stop 'til: you start your day on the beach ...from the night before.

    12. Berlin, Germany

    Its unique appeal: The line between day and night time activities is a blurry one. Day drinking, late night grubbing, LED light shows, clubbing and swimming (at the same time), live music, leather exclusive parties, etc etc. Keep up, world. Keep up.

    The party don't stop 'til: Never. Literally never.

    13. São Paulo, Brazil

    Its unique appeal: São Paulo is often in the shadows of its arguably prettier sister Rio de Janeiro, but the Brazilian city is its own cultural blend of funky, sexy, quirky, gritty, start-studded, vibrant, and super intense.

    The party don't stop 'til: 4 in the morning in the afternoon.

    *Special mention: Rio de Janiero.

    14. Ibiza, Spain

    Its unique appeal: If you think sleep is overrated, you need to make a nightlife pilgrimage to Ibiza. The city is una f*cking locura—in the best way possible, of course.

    The party don't stop 'til: You've seen a stripper kill a saxophone solo while hanging naked off a ceiling, broken a limb to a DJ set, found foam in unusual places the following day.

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