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People Are Crying Over This Adorably Sweet "In Loving Memory" Tribute To A Dog

Ball is life, and afterlife.

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Someone had left the crate "in loving memory of Charlie," a dog who recently died. It was filled with old tennis balls and doggie toys for other dogs to enjoy. And if someone's dog wished to keep the ball or toy, "then that's fine," a note said.

The entire tribute to Charlie reads:

Please help yourself to a tennis ball for your dog to enjoy. You may also wish to pop it back in the box afterwards for another pooch to enjoy. If you wish to keep it then that's fine. Remember to live each moment just like your dog, with unconditional love, loyalty, and happiness.

Sanderson told BuzzFeed she was walking along Druridge Bay when she saw the box, and was immediately moved by it.

Molly Sanderson

"I thought it was really sweet and I'd never seen anything like it before!" she said.


😭 RIP Charlie: Hope you're fetching tennis balls in doggie heaven.