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21 Impossibly Difficult Situations For An Indecisive Person

Every decision is every regret waiting to happen.

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3. When the fast-food cashier asks what fountain drink you want with your combo meal.

S/he just puts you on the spot like that. At least when you do it yourself you can put a little bit of EACH in your cup. No decision needed.

4. Making purchasing decisions about items in multiple colors/patterns that you EQUALLY love.

Whatever color/print you decide to go with will be followed by buyer's remorse.

If only you had the budget to buy all of them.


6. Choosing a food delivery site. Then choosing a food genre. Then choosing a place.

Grub Hub? Seamless?

Thai? Burgers? Asian fusion?

"Blue Burger?" "Burger Haven?" "Burgers 'R Us?"

....but wait. That Mexican place is 20% off today.


18. When you're asked questions like, "If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive..."

Anyone? In the history of humanity? Oh, shit. Can I get back to you tomorrow after I thoughtfully narrow down some options and further break down important criteria?


19. The important seconds before deciding to commit to the second half of a Subway sandwich if you're almost full.

If you save less than half a Subway sandwich, you'll have to get more food later to fill yourself off one-fourth of a sandwich and that's just silly.

But you're still a little bit hungry.

But you don't want to be too full off a whole footlong.