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11 Things Australians Are Tired Of Hearing, According To Iggy Azalea

"You're Australian? O HOW AWE YOU MATE."

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Rapper Iggy Azalea has called the U.S. home ever since leaving her hometown of Mullumbimby, Australia about eight years ago. And even though her big move has been pretty seamless, she says people continue to make common and downright oblivious assumptions about Aussies. In New York this month, she shared some of the things she hears most.

1. "Are you from Sydney or Melbourne?"

Macey J. Foronda/ BuzzFeed

"There are a lot more cities than New York/L.A. and Sydney/Melbourne," she added. "So people who ask me that should kill themselves."

2. "Do you know any aboriginal people?"

Macey J. Foronda/ BuzzFeed

Or "asking how many aborigines do [I] see on the daily," Iggy says, rolling her eyes. "That's another dumb thing I get asked all the time."

3. "You're Australian? Can you say [this] in your accent?"

Macey J. Foronda/ BuzzFeed

Iggy says she's been asked on numerous occasions to record someone's voicemail message in her accent. Her answer is the same every time: "I'm not fucking doing it."

4. "You're Australian? Great. I'm going to speak to you in the accent now."

Macey J. Foronda/ BuzzFeed

"Immediately talking to me in an Australian accent when I meet you is so offensive," she told us.

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