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How Taylor Swift Are You?


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  1. Check all the Swifty things you totally relate to:

    You were born in 1989.
    You WISH you were born in 1989.
    Red is your favorite color.
    You think red totally describes your entire range of emotions that may or may not be "intense love, intense frustration, jealousy, confusion."
    If you could, you'd paint the town red.
    You're never NOT wearing red lipstick.
    You leave the gym in a full formal getup.
    People aren't even sure you even perspire.
    You love Polaroids.
    You love a good crop top.
    You love making watercolor paintings.
    You love Tumblr.
    You sincerely love ~inspiration quotes~ and sharing them on social media.
    You love cookies.
    And baking.
    So much so you'd bake treats for random strangers.
    You love cats.
    You have a cat.
    You identify as a cat lady.
    You think you're actually in a relationship with your cat.
    You take more photos of your cat than you do your best friends and significant others combined.
    You might be slowly becoming your cat.
    Your cat might be slowly becoming you.
    You carry your cat everywhere you go.
    Your go-to accessories are cat and handbag.
    You hold your handbag on the same exact crane of your forearm every time.
    You own cat apparel.
    You own multiple pieces of cat apparel.
    You own cat-ear headbands.
    You wear said cat-ear headbands all the time.
    You prefer a night in with Netflix to partying.
    You're a hugger.
    You're a hopeless romantic.
    You've spent some time on the bleachers :'(
    But know that "there is more to life than dating the boy on the football team."
    You've been hurt...
    (You've dated a few players in your lifetime, but who hasn't.)
    ...but that doesn't mean you've given up on love.
    ...OR that you're afraid of talking about your past loves.
    You wear your heart on your sleeve (so what?).
    You're obsessed with New York City.
    You're obsessed with the IDEA of New York City.
    You have BFFs in constant rotation.
    But you love them all equally (just, y'know, in completely unequal ways).
    You love to dance.
    You dance like nobody's watching (even though you know everyone is watching).
    And DGAF when people make fun of your dancing.
    You shimmy off the haters.
    You're fearless.

How Taylor Swift Are You?

You have a few Tay-Tay qualities and tendencies, but you are not Taylor Swift. You are her cat, Olivia Benson.
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You might not BE Taylor Swift, but you guys share enough qualities that you could definitely be Lorde-level BFF material.
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You and Taylor Swift are the exact same person, and that is truly the best and biggest compliment. You are possibly a "purrrrfect" human.
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