How Stereotypically Canadian Are You?

Are you True-ly North strong and free?

    1. 1 said “pardon?”
    2. 2 said “pardon” multiple times in one conversation?
    3. 3 apologized for something petty?
    4. 4 apologized for something petty profusely?
    5. 5 apologized for someone ELSE bumping into you?
    6. 6 apologized for someone ELSE dialing the wrong number?
    7. 7 apologized for apologizing?
    8. 8 kept your front door unlocked?
    9. 9 always kept your front door unlocked?
    10. 10 invested in and installed security measures but still kept your doors unlocked?
    11. 11 legitimately feared being attacked by a polar bear?
    12. 12 legitimately feared being attacked by a moose?
    13. 13 purchased home/life insurance to protect yourself/your house from potential polar bear/moose invasions?
    14. 14 been attacked by a polar bear?
    15. 15 been attacked by a moose?
    16. 16 built an igloo (for fun or for real)?
    17. 17 built and igloo (for fun or for real) and lived in it?
    18. 18 seen the movie “Canadian Bacon”?
    19. 19 felt strong hate but also sincerely wished the best for Justin Bieber?
    20. 20 felt strong hate but also sincerely wished the best for Rob Ford?
    21. 21 been asked if you’re a fan of Rush?
    22. 22 instantly thought “yup, ours” when a Canadian celebrity is mentioned in conversation?
    23. 23 touted that you were into Avril Lavigne waaaay before she was a Sk8er girl?
    24. 24 …remained an Avril Lavigne fan to this day?
    25. 25 found Pierre Trudeau kind of sexy?
    26. 26 craved poutine?
    27. 27 craved Timbits?
    28. 28 craved a beaver tail? And felt genuinely sorry for those who have never tried one?
    29. 29 craved maple syrup?
    30. 30 craved Kraft Dinner à la ketchup and/or pepper?
    31. 31 craved ketchup and/or “all-dressed” chips?
    32. 32 craved hickory sticks?
    33. 33 craved nanaimo bars? And felt genuinely sorry for those who have never tried one?
    34. 34 craved Smarties and meant the chocolate kind (NOT AMERICAN “ROCKETS” OR WHATEVER)?
    35. 35 driven or walked through a blizzard to obtain and satisfy these cravings?
    36. 36 kept a refrigerator stocked of Molson or Labatt Blue?
    37. 37 scoffed at the idea of using an umbrella to shield you in a snow storm?
    38. 38 driven through a blizzard with winds up to 60 mph with complete ease?
    39. 39 aspired to be a Mountie?
    40. 40 dated a Mountie?
    41. 41 been a Mountie?
    42. 42 been cross-country skiing on your own block?
    43. 43 been to a maple syrup reserve?
    44. 44 sapped your own maple syrup?
    45. 45 driven a Zamboni?
    46. 46 been completely mesmerized by a Zamboni machine during an NHL game and wished you were the rockstar kid who got to ride in one?
    47. 47 spelled “Zamboni” as “ZED-ay-em-bee-oh-en-eye”?
    48. 48 watched and/or been to the Grey Cup?
    49. 49 dreamed about dating a hockey player?
    50. 50 dated a hockey player?
    51. 51 happy-cried over a hockey game?
    52. 52 sad-cried over a hockey game?
    53. 53 taken days off of work over a hockey game?
    54. 54 cried adult tears when Canada won gold in Sochi in both women’s and men’s hockey?
    55. 55 …and sarcastically said “sorry not sorry” to the American opponents?
    56. 56 …but genuinely felt “sorry that you weren’t sorry” for the American opponents?
    57. 57 cheered for the Blue Jays in a non-sarcastic way?
    58. 58 cheered for the Raptors in a non-sarcastic way?
    59. 59 responded “thank you” after someone else thanked you?
    60. 60 found crinkled Canadian Tire money in your pockets/car seat/couch cushions?
    61. 61 …and felt like it was Christmas morning?
    62. 62 been outside in a T-shirt in 0 degree celsius weather?
    63. 63 worn shorts and a parka at the same time?
    64. 64 found some toonies in your pocket/car seat/couch cushions and realized you had like $20?
    65. 65 …and felt like it was Christmas morning?
    66. 66 ran out of refrigerator room and just started storing things outside?
    67. 67 shoveled your driveway in the morning only to shovel your driveway again at night?
    68. 68 argued that Canadians don’t say “eh” that much and then said it?
    69. 69 worn a snowsuit to run everyday errands?
    70. 70 worn a snowsuit to a party?
    71. 71 worn a snowsuit under your halloween costume?
    72. 72 called a soft drink “pop”?
    73. 73 referred to the U.S. as “the States”?
    74. 74 knew someone or knew someone who knew someone who was on “Degrassi”?
    75. 75 played “Roll Up the Rim to Win?”
    76. 76 played “Roll Up the Rim to Win” and won?
    77. 77 hated Quebec just because?
    78. 78 perfected the art of lugging multiple bags of milk in your arms?
    79. 79 professionally opened those bags of milk with a snippet?
    80. 80 worn denim-on-denim unironically?
    81. 81 worn flannel-on-flannel before it was trendy?
    82. 82 cussed out Rogers in your head and/or out loud?
    83. 83 …and then apologized for it?
    84. 84 shopped at Zellers/The Bay/Holt Renfrew/ Winners/Jacob/La Senza/Ardène/Urban Behavior/Mexx?
    85. 85 felt superior knowing that international chains like Joe Fresh and Club Monacco originated in Canada?
    86. 86 felt genuinely sorry for Americans who have never and will never experience a Kinder Surprise?
    87. 87 …Coffee Crisp?
    88. 88 …giant sour keys?
    89. 89 …Swiss Chalet?
    90. 90 …MuchMusic? MuchMoreMusic?
    91. 91 …YTV?
    92. 92 …Mr. Dressup?
    93. 93 ….”Yvonne Of The Yukon”?
    94. 94 had the “Hockey Night In Canada” theme song as your ringtone?
    95. 95 hated Harper?
    96. 96 smothered maple syrup on any or all of the following: pancakes, waffles, French toast, candy, turkey, chips, steak, rice, pop, eggs, salad, pizza, more maple syrup, a moose.

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