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Women Are Going Crazy Over A Guy Called The "Hottest Bean Curd Seller"

People are lining up around the block for a taste of Yi Tin— bean curds. Bean curds.

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Like, locating the bean curd shop.

One user writes, "The bean curb is near Beitou subway station."


And then locating his personal information.

"This bean curd place is in Beitou and the guy’s FB account is Yi Tin Chen, talk to you later I’m booking tickets to Taiwan."

From Facebook, we've learned that our "hottest bean curd seller" is 26-year-old Yi Tin Chen from Taipei.

Some netizens conspire that this was all a ploy for his publicity, but his modeling agency has denied that it has anything to do with his bean curd hustle, according to a Chinese tabloid.