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Women Are Going Crazy Over A Guy Called The "Hottest Bean Curd Seller"

People are lining up around the block for a taste of Yi Tin— bean curds. Bean curds.

A street-side bean curd shop in Taiwan has suddenly and steadily gained patronage over the last few days. The queues, mostly women, are now wrapping around the block.

The shop might be selling some excellent, grade-A bean curds...

But it's probably something extra.

According to popular Taiwanese blog Pixnet, one of the employees is attracting swarms of women to the tiny shop — all for a glimpse at a guy who netizens are calling "the hottest bean curd seller."

(And wherever the standard for bean curd sellers is set, we will safely hand off this title.)

Like, O_O

(We should also mention it's incredibly hot in Taiwan right now and these photos were taken around high noon — not that we're complaining at all.)

He's rumoured to be the shop owner's son, but after his images floated onto Weibo, where it's been shared OVER 26 THOUSAND times, users began doing detective work to try to identify him.

Like, locating the bean curd shop.

And then locating his personal information.

From Facebook, we've learned that our "hottest bean curd seller" is 26-year-old Yi Tin Chen from Taipei.

Yi Tin also, conveniently and mysteriously, does promotional modeling on the side.

Some netizens conspire that this was all a ploy for his publicity, but his modeling agency has denied that it has anything to do with his bean curd hustle, according to a Chinese tabloid.

In any case, whatever his relationship to curdled soy products, we're buying ❀(*´◡`*)❀.

H/T Shanghaiist