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Here's What Happens When A Bunch Of Adults Try To Do Fifth-Grade Math

And this is why God invented the calculator.

This is the fifth-grade level math quiz we gave the editorial staff of BuzzFeed. Do it yourself first and see how you stacked against us.


Some people gave a valiant effort but got defeated by big numbers with decimals.


Others were just trying to recall basic multiplication.


Pretty sure you're supposed to multiply each digit and line them up in a special order and add them all up. BUT WHERE DOES THE DECIMAL GO?!

And fractions. Fucking fractions.


Some folks pulled out their elementary math skills on the spot like they've been preparing for this moment their entire lives.


Others never quite learned, and they panicked.

Like, really panicked.


Long division............wut. Here's a picture of a dog.



This "college graduate" couldn't come up with correct answers, but made a very important conclusion.


"This is why god made calculators."

Other people just had excuses.


Wellp, he certainly went to art school `\_( '-' )_/`

"I was sick this day in fifth grade, sorry."


Luckily, some people proved fifth grade wasn't put to waste.


One staffer restored our faith in mathmanity and got them all right! Check your answers against theirs.


Our class average: 50.4%

AKA we would barely pass fifth-grade math today.

Share your answers below! Remember, no cheating.

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